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Jul, 2020

Refund / Credit request

Highland Little League


    Hello Parents we hope every has been safe during the current pandemic. As you know Central Little League has cancelled its season however Those of you that were going to play with Central Little League will be getting

1.  50.00 refund.If your jersey is or was turned in. Jerseys that were NOT turned in will have a 30.00 or 35.00 deduction from your refund. Which will be sent to Central LL. Parents can pick up refunds Wendsday July 22 or July 29  between 6- 7:30 at Highland Little League

2. 50.00 credit toward next season contact Courtney at 909 855-9419 . can choose to donate your 50.00 to Highland Little League which will be greatly appreciated Contact Courtney

        As a league there are alot of initial expenses the league had to incur Just to get started with having players on the field. We also, like many took losses with snack bar supplies, field maintenance, materials tools, snack bar alarm system..etc.  We as a league also have to have money in the bank for monthly and future expenses. Some leagues are better off financially than others, which is not the case with us. We hope you understand where we are coming from as a non profit organization that incurs many costs. We wish it was just cost of jerseys but that is not the case at all. Highland Little League appreciates our parents and players, we would like to wish you all good health and God Bless! Thank you Highland Little League



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